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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top 5 Must Have Android apps in 2014

Am so much in love with Android devices because of so many variety of mouth watering apps unlike other smart phones. And also for the fact that most of the apps can be downloaded at no just cost has made android mobile phones unique. 
Like I said earlier, there are so many apps available in android Market but we are looking at the top 5 android apps in 2014. This list has been compiled according to the app's relevance.
Top 10 Android apps in 2014

1. Avast Anti theft
I bet you don't want to loose that your costly android phone yet, right?
This app will help secure your phone or rather help you track and recover your phone when stolen.   So you see why avast anti theft comes first in our list of top 5 android apps because without your android device, no apps.

Click here to download avast mobile security.
Launch it and set up the anti theft feature.

2. Avast anti Virus
This app comes second in our list of top 5 android apps because apart being stolen, Virus can also destroy your android device.
At the beginning of this year, I never thought of using any anti virus app until one morning I woke up and noticed that all my apps had been deleted. Men!!! it was like I was dreaming. I downloaded few apps that morning but in the evening they apps were also gone. Then I knew it was a virus attack. I downloaded avast anti virus and ran a scan. After that scan, I downloaded back all my apps and till now they are still intact. So let's assume that I never had an Idea that it was a virus attack, my phone hardware might also be affected with time.
It is advisable to download avast anti virus and run a scan once every week.
To download avast anti Virus click here

3. Flash share
Flash share is an app that lets you send and receive files and apps from friends. When sending an app to a friend or even receiving, it's normally very fast, even faster than Bluetooth (although you can't send app via Bluetooth). Although some phones comes with this app while some don't. Visit google playstore to download flashare.

4. VLC
VLC is free media player which gives you a dynamic view when watching a movie with your android device.
Am not gonna write much on this cause I have taken my time to review this app here.

5. CMC image scanner
This app will save you time and money. All you need do is to take a picture, launch cmc scanner and open the picture you want to scan. Save in jpeg file format and scan. That's all.

Visit here to download this app.

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